Maneuver through space and eliminate objects before the fuel in your spaceship runs out!

Space Erase is a challenging puzzle game requiring logic, speed, and skill to work your way through the galaxy. Level up your spaceman rank, and encounter new space matter as your journey brings you through challenging obstacles. With over 100 levels and and 10 unique pieces of space matter to unlock, Space Erase will keep your mind churning for hours on end.

over 100 levels

With over 100 unique handcrafted levels you'll be able to play for countless hours and never get bored.

10 unique pieces of space matter

From wormholes to yellow dwarfs to meteorites, every level comes with new surprises. Space Erase's progressively increasing level difficulty introduces new objects every 10-20 levels.

gamecenter leaderboards

Want to see if you are the best player in the world? Space Erase offers achievements and leaderboards through Apple's GameCenter. You can challenge your friends or see how you rank against the best players in the world.