Rebar Calc is a multi function calculator allowing you to calculate the tons and linear feet of rebar, sheets of sheet mesh, and rolls of roll mesh required for a given area of concrete. Rebar Calc also allows you to configure the amount of lap necessary for your job, the size of the rebar, sheet mesh, or roll mesh. 

In addition, Rebar Calc provides provides a quick easy concrete volume estimator in cubic yards, a quick calculator to calculate how many bags of grout, fast setting concrete, etc. are needed for a slab or concrete cores, and a quick and easy connection to get a quote on rebar, mesh, or other concrete supplies.


Reinforcement Calculator

You can quickly and easily calculate the amount of rebar, sheet mesh, or roll mesh you will need for your job. Unlike any other app on the App Store, Rebar Calc allows you to configure the lap or customize the length or size of the sheet and roll of reinforcement. 


Bag Calculator

Ever wonder if you need 1 or 2 bags of Quikrete® to cover your job? This calculator minimizes your uncertainty and allows you to determine how many bags of mix you will need. See a bag size that we missed? Contact us and we will add it to the app.


Slab & Core Calculator

While this calculation isn't the most difficult you can skip those pesky unit conversions with Rebar Calc. This calculator will quickly tell you how many cubic yards or cubic meters you will need for both concrete slabs and concrete cores.


Unit Systems

Rebar Calc now supports both English and Metric units. For rebar, both both the European and Canadian standards are covered. Have a standard that isn't included? Contact us and we will be glad to add it to the app. 

These calculations are for estimating purposes only. All final figures should be verified by a professional before quoting, purchasing, or installing materials. Appco LLC is not responsible for misuse of the estimates.