Appco LLC

Last Updated: February 17, 2017

The following Privacy Policy applies to all mobile applications published by Appco LLC as well as any and all related web sites.

When you sign up to post in one of our forums, download one of our apps, or participate in any other manner, you may grant access to certain information such as your email address, your name, a unique user name, or other information you share, either directly or by granting access to your user account on social network such as Facebook or Google+. This and any other Personally Identifiable Information you provide, directly or indirectly, is collectively referred to as your “PII,” and is used to facilitate and enhance your player experience.

Only qualified staff of Appco LLC have access to your PII. Appco LLC will not share your PII with anyone else or any other organization. Your PII will never be sold or distributed in any form or for any other purpose unless approved by you.

Appco LLC may use your PII for communications that we deem appropriate for you, as a Player, to play effectively and to enhance and enrich your experience in the Game or related web sites. In order to effectively improve our app and website experience the analytics are collected using Google Analytics. These analytics are not only shared with Appco LLC, but are used by Google to tailor advertisements to enrich their in app experience.

If at any time a you indicate that you no longer want to receive communications from Appco LLC, or if you wish to cancel your account, or to change or correct any of your PII, you are free to do so and your PII will be deleted, changed, or corrected as requested.

Appco LLC’s app and websites may contain links to other sites; Appco LLC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.